ZZ Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
About Us

ZZ Machinery is an expert company specialized in manufacturing and supplying various metal processing machines, consisting of a trading company and four manufacturing plants of machine tools. Our product line includes press brake, plate bending machine, shearing machine, profile bending machine, pipe bending machine, which can be custom manufactured with a wide selection of specifications from small size to large size to meet your specific needs.

About Us
    1. Press Brake
    2. Press BrakeZZ Machinery press brake adopts all steel welded structure. Through the treatment of stress relief, the accuracy and rigidity can be guaranteed.
    1. Plate Bending Machines
    2. Plate Bending MachinesThe mechanical plate bending machine is a 3-roller symmetrical plate rolling machine. The upper roller does vertical movement at the central...
    1. Section Bending Machine
    2. Section Bending MachineSection bending machine is a profile bending machine suited to accomplish the processes of rolling and bending of various profiles.
    1. Shearing Machine
    2. Shearing Machine Triple support rolling guide rail is used to eliminate the gaps of the support, enabling the shearing quality to be guaranteed.
  • • Our manufacturing plant was established in accordance with advanced factory standards.

  • 2002

    W11SNC-30X3000 universal plate bending machine was manufactured.

  • QC12Y-16X9000 hydraulic swing beam shear was manufactured.

  • 2005

    We established a new manufacturing plant to produce hydraulic presses.

  • We obtained import and export right and began to export machines.

  • 2007

    One WE67Y-600/6000 press brake was exported to Malaysia ...

  • We started to produce CNC plate bending machine and ironworker machine.

  • 2009

    We manufactured a press machine specially designed for corrugated panel of 3,000 tons.

  • heavy duty equipment workshop was built.

  • 2013

    QC11Y-20X13000 hydraulic guillotine shear and WE67K-2000/12000 CNC ...

  • We increased the investment by purchasing 5 axis CNC machining center.

  • 2018

    the construction of robotic bending center was successfully completed.